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Burj Khalifa with a height of over 829.8 m, the tallest structure and building in the world, is nested in Dubai and was inaugurated in 2010. Designed by Skidmire, Owings and Merril’s Adrian Smith, this building took a span of 5 years to make and set several records for its height. Burj Khalifa Park with its theme inspired by the desert flower, Hymenocallis, the observation deck with its virtual reality system and the electronic telescope, and the Dubai Fountain with its ability to shoot water 150 m into the air is illuminated with 6600 lights and 50 coloured projectors,  are few of its significant and attractive features. 

Dubai attracts visitors similarly like light attracts beetles. It is best to visit Dubai during the winter months from November to April as the summer heat is usually unbearable and the months of January and February experience strong traffic literally everywhere due to the Dubai Shopping Festival. But while you are in Dubai, you must take your own sweet time to visit the ravishing Burj Khalifa and explore it to the fullest, so here is a compact list of a few things you can do while you are there :

  • Although the Burj Khalifa has a wide range of options open for tourists that mostly  interests in panoramic views, alternatively, one can choose to eat their hearts out at some of Dubai’s most posh restaurants and lounges like the Candylicious, Armani Lounge, A.T. Mosphere, Deli, Amal, Medditerraneo, Amal, etc.
  • The first place to run to during your Burj Khalifa expedition is the Majestic Dubai Fountain which is a masterpiece of art with the capacity to shoot water 150 meters into the air synchronising to a range of classical contemporary or other music played in the area. 
  • At the time of inauguration, the Observation Deck was named at the top and was the Highest observation deck in the world. It features a virtual reality system via the electronic telescope which allows tourists to experience naturalistic scenery in real time so when tides are low and visibility is high, you can see Iran’s shores from the top of the skylights.
  • Highly inspired by the desert flower, Hymenocallis, The Burj Khalifa Park is stretched onto 27 acres surrounding the super skyscraper. You have to visit at the heart of this park that nests the water field, the water jet fountains and a series of ponds. 
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