To Travel is to Live

Travelling is more than just going to new places.

It is the joy of going on an expedition to an unknown place, discovering their way of life and delving deep into their culture to unearth hidden gems in location, cuisine and culture.
It was Neha’s passion for travelling that sowed the seeds for Feet Beyond Roads, a travelogue and travel consultancy. 

From spreading the spirit of travel through her travel stories to guiding people gearing up for their travels, Neha’s infectious passion for travel is evident in every aspect of Feet Beyond Roads. 

As an army child, Neha moved around a lot due to her father’s career. Even as a youngster, Neha was fascinated by travel and always wanted to travel to different countries and explore the world.

Until now, she has travelled to 27 countries and almost all parts of India. From the scenic beauty to the culture and cuisine of the place, Neha also documents even the minute details of her journey, for others to learn, get inspired and travel.

Over the years, as travelling became a passion for many across the globe, the global travel industry grew manifold to offer travel related services to people from all walks of life.


Today there is definitely  no dearth of travel companies, but first-time and amateur travellers still lack proper guidance while travelling to a new place. 


Through Feet beyond Roads, Neha wants to help people create memorable travel experiences through her extensive experience in travelling and working in the travel industry for more than 10 years.

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