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Things You Must Do on your Trip to The Andamans

Trip to Andaman and Nicobar Island, which hold a plethora of exciting possibilities for travellers and wanderers seeking a complete new experience. It is a  place in India where the geographical outlook of the land massively varies from the rest. This union territory is crammed with activities and experiences that you can only witness here. Although most of the land still remains untouched, the Andamans have comparatively started attracting a lot of tourists now, so here is a list of few eccentric things to do on your trip to Andaman and Nicobar :

  • The emerald green waters of the Cinique Islands have a visibility of as much as 80ft and is an ideal scuba diving spot in India with a large variety of flora and fauna. It is easily one of the best things to do but you will need a permission granted by the forest department to explore this uninhabited land so one can only imagine how majestic this place can be. 
  • South Asia’s only volcanic Island, the Barren Island, is a sight to behold in its dormant form and is only inhabited by the toughest animals like the flying foxes. This Island offers a great deal of adventurous experiences and is a must on a trip to Andaman. 
  • Havelock Island is ideal for sea walking for its calm and clear waters and is reserved for tourists who are not much open to the thrills and adventures of scuba diving.
  • Unlike other beaches that are usually brimming with bustling crowds, vendors and litter, the Elephant Beach greets with peace and serenity . Although you could get a speed boat to get to the beach, a 2 km long jungle trek from a point just before Radha Nagar Beach can also be taken and is definitely recommended due to the obvious mesmerising scenic landscapes.
  • The turtles go through a gestation period from the month of December to January which makes them roam past the beaches of Diglipur and is the main attraction of the Diglipur town. 
  • If you are looking for a shopping site to take back souvenirs when on a trip to Andaman, Aberdeen Bazaar has got you covered with jewellery, paintings, sweets, wood carvings, Andaman t-shirts, etc., all locally made by the native artists and sold at dirt cheap rates. 
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