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The City of Nawabs is a land of mouth watering dishes where meat takes the centre stage for being the star of the dish. In Lucknow, every lane of every street is entwined with the smell of good food. There is so much more to Lucknowi food than lip- smacking Tunday kebabs. With a plethora of rich flavourful cuisines that have long ties with the bygone era of the Nawabs, Lucknow is a city of paradise for food enthusiasts and here are few dishes you must try on your trip to Lucknow :

  1. NIHARI AND KULCHA :  The dish ‘Nihari’ consists of mutton slow cooked with a myriad of spices and herbs which is served alongside fluffy Kulchas made in tandoor. This dish is a famed local delicacy and is served best at Raheem’s in Chowk. 
  1. LUCKNOWI BIRYANI : If anything that can stand up to compete with Tunday Kebabs exists, it is the Lucknowi style biryani which is different in taste and flavour compared to biryani served in other states . The richness and goodness of the Lucknowi biryani lies behind the secret use of milk, saffron and herbs in it. 
  1. BASKET CHAAT : This dish is amazing. If you are a fan of street food, this delicacy is something you should not miss. Popularly known as katori chaat or tokri, this dish is a delicious burst of flavour at each bite. The deep fried basket or katori is made out of grated potatoes and then filled with tikki, mattar and chutneys, further being garnished with pomegranate seeds, sev and other aromatic spices. 
  1. NIMISH : Popularly renowned as the Daulat ki Chaat, Lab -e- Mashooq or Makkhan Malai, this Lucknowi dessert is a light cream infused with flavours of saffron and rose. The smooth rich bite of this will melt into your mouth and give you a major serotonin kick. 

KHASTA KACHORI : This deep fried breakfast dish is crispy crunchy Kachori served with spicy hot potato curry and chole ki sabzi. It goes without saying that it is extremely filling, flavourful and truly a mouth watering experience.

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