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Weekend gateways from Mumbai

Life in Mumbai is exciting, electrifying and ever dynamic but there are times when the soul longs for peace, calm and tranquility, away from the daily hustle- bustle of the big city life. With being adorned by the Western Ghats, Mumbai always has a place ready to offer when you want to sneak out of your daily jostle and relax your weary bones. Here are some beautiful places to run away for the weekend from the maddening chaos of the city to the incredible scenic beauty of the Western Ghats :

  1. MAHABALESHWAR : This soul stirring site is a quaint and misty little hill station just 263 km away from Mumbai and beholds one of the few existing evergreen forests of the nation. It is one of the most scenic places to visit near Mumbai and serves a different change of weather and sight, brimming your soul with peace and calmness. 
  1. PANCHGANI : Located 244 km away from Mumbai, Panchgani is nestled amongst the 5 hills of the Western Ghats and is one of the most adorable hill stations of Maharashtra. With a breathtaking road trip from Mumbai to Panchgani, this hill station experiences pleasant weather all year long and charms its visitors for a weekend retreat whenever possible. 
  1. LONAVALA – KHANDALA : Just 93 kms away from Mumbai, the twin hill resorts of Lonavala and Khandala hold a very special place in Mumbaikar hearts. With numerous caves, forts, dams and of course the eye shattering scenic beauty, Lonavala sightseeing caters to all moods of its visitors. It is a great place for a perfect road trip or a weekend getaway, especially for couples. 
  1. ALIBAG : Alibag can be reached by ferry or by road and is just at a distance of 95 kms from Mumbai. As one of the most adventurous places in Mumbai, this place is perfect for you to engage in thrilling outdoor activities for the weekend and evoke your inner adventurist. 

LAVASA : Picture perfect for a romantic weekend getaway, Lavasa is renowned to be one of the most unique places around Mumbai. With a spellbinding landscape of a lake and lush green hills, this perfectly planned township is absolutely charming and is inspired by the adorable Italian town of Portofino. The pollution free air and the beautiful weather along with buildings lining up near the waterfront are some of the major attractions of the place.

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