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Kayani Bakery, Pune

The Kayani Bakery is famed all over the country for its delectable Shrewsbury biscuits. It is Pune’s most renowned and best establishment, Started by Hormuz and Khodayar Irani in 1955 who were migrants from Iran before 1947, alongside a group of people, many of whom settled in Pune and got into the bakery business, Kayani Bakery has a large number of loyal customers queueing day in and out for getting their hands on the lip smacking delicacies that this glorious bakery has to offer. This charming old school bakery is a landmark with serpentine queues at all open hours of the day but it’s delicious Shrewsbury biscuits are honestly worth the wait. A mellow aroma of vanilla, warm butter and melted sugar always suffuses the bakery and somehow gives you an overwhelming feeling of a home away from home, thus making your visit and wait all more worthwhile. 

Sometimes the owners witness a jam packed crowd of up to 400 customers on weekdays and above 100 customers on weekends. The real craze for Kayani’s baked delicacies are seen during the Christmas season when the place is bustling with a crowd to an extent where the bakery has to shut down its main shutters to only allow 5 customers at a time for a short span and then have them exited  from a small backside wicket gate to help things function in a proper systematic way. With Sundays closed, the timings of the bakery is rather short due to its limited stock that gets sold out like hot cakes but Kayani Bakery routinely opens to serve its customers daily without amiss. Kayani Bakery still competes with the fascinating wonders of time and technology with its overwhelming simplicity and has no elegant seating arrangement. With a big black board portraying the day’s menu in handwritten chalk at the back of the counter, Kayani Bakery takes your order and packs it for you right on spot after you pay. So the next time you are in Pune, hop into this beautiful bakery at your convenience and see yourself struggle choosing from its wide ranges of Mawa cake, cheese papdi, dark chocolate and walnut cake, coffee marble cake and of course the buttery Shrewsbury biscuits.

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