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The Toy Train of Darjeeling

Toy train Darjeeling runs on the highest elevated tracks of the world, riding the is an absolute delight and truly an unforgettable experience as it gives you a glimpse of the beautiful life in the hills as it weaves through the steep edges of the Himalayan Range. The journey feels invigorating as the toy train Darjeeling steadily wheezes past brushing you with a cool whiff of the chilly Darjeeling air. As the trains go past the shops and the houses, you can observe the locals running chores in their daily habitat and you can also get down from the running train and get back up again due to the slow pace of the train on the tracks. Toy Train Darjeeling, also known as the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is famous for extremely cute and instagrammable aesthetics running on narrow gauge tracks. Conferred as a world heritage site by UNESCO, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was established in 1881 under the British Raj who were smitten by the beauty of this place and wanted a more luxurious and comfortable way to travel to reach to the mesmerising sight of the Kanchenjunga which can be directly seen from Darjeeling. The Ghoom station is the most famous and highest railway at an height of 7407 ft. The most interesting part of the railway are its loops that help the train in gaining height along the mountains, keeping the curve as minimal as possible so as to prevent the train from overturning. The last and the most stunning loop of the train is the Batasia Loop and is a piece of nature’s finest art.

The process of preparations of the train and its steam engines before it leaves for its routined joy ride, are worth witnessing and hence it is advisable to reach the station at least 30 mins prior to the scheduled departure time. 3 mins away from the Darjeeling Station is the loco shed where the Toy train’s engines are kept and maintained as the steam engines were manufactured by the North British Locomotive Company limited in Glasgow, it seeks special care and assistance. The joyride will give you a close insight on the true cultural  heritage of Darjeeling as you witness the locals busy going on with their day to day activities,men and women picking tea leaves, small stalls selling delicacies like roasted corn on a cob, momos, etc. Not to forget, the Railway museum that vividly documents the history of this beautiful place and has brief snippets on how the Toy train Darjeeling was made. 

With A very significant role to play in North Bengal, Darjeeling’s economy mostly runs on tourism and is just 2 hours away by road from Bagdogra Airport or Siliguri .To enjoy the true beauty and romanticise the serenity of Darjeeling, the best time to visit is during the months of March and February when the weather is chilly but bearable and the view is beautifully foggy, making it seem like a  piece of heaven from the windows of the train. 

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