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Tulip Garden of Srinagar, Kashmir

Home to Asia’s largest Tulip Garden, Srinagar beholds a field of full bloom flowers for only a short span of time during the months of March and April but makes for some serious, vibrant breathtaking views. What was previously known as the Model Floriculture Center is now proclaimed as the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden and is located on the foothills of the Zabarwan Mountain Range at an elevated altitude level of 5600 ft with a stunning overview of the famous Dal Lake in Siraj Bagh alongside being surrounded by the Nishat Bagh and the Chashma Shahi Garden. This garden consists of seven terraces and was built on a sloping ground of terraced fashion dating its origin back to the Mughals back to the 16th century. Established  in 2007 and spread across a large surface area of 30 acres, its main motive is to boost tourism and floriculture in the Kashmir Valley. 

Tulip Garden of Srinagar also houses other vibrant flowers like hyacinths, ranunculus, muscaria, iris and daffodils, other than the usual 46 varieties and 15 lakh tulips with numbers growing each year. Every year during the full bloom months of the onset of spring, the renowned Tulip Festival is organised which is a yearly celebration organised by the government of Jammu and Kashmir that stretches from 15 days to a whole month, with a concerned aim to showcase the various range of vibrant flowers that adorn these gardens to boost tourism in the Kashmir Valley. When you gaze upon this nature’s carefully preserved marvel which looks nothing short of a small piece of heaven, it will truly be a treat to your senses as the bright vibrant colours mesmerise your sight and the fresh smell of the blooms refresh your mind. But just  in case you miss the full bloom hours, Nishat Garden, pencil Shalimar Bagh or the Chashme Shahi Gardens make up for scenic botanical gardens for other months of the year. 

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