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Scuba Diving at Lakshadweep

Scuba diving in Lakshadweep is a once in a lifetime experience which allows people to explore the wonders of nature’s creation in a fascinating manner. As a tropical Indian Union Territory, Lakshadweep is renowned for its marine inhabitants, beaches, coral reefs, mosques, islands and vast aquariums. With its serene and pristine surroundings, one can feel the sense of peace and tranquillity that Lakshadweep has the capacity to render just by looking at its vibrant pictures. Lakshadweep is the land of numerous islands that beholds unique and rare fishes and plants. These islands offer a variety of activities to entertain its visitors, especially the adventure seekers with fishing, canoeing, yacht sailing, kayaking and of course the famous scuba diving. 

Scuba diving can root your connection with the underwater world like never before with its mysterious and excessively intriguing sea animals and fishes that help you get lost in this thrilling oblivion beyond the land. The best suitable period for scuba diving at  Lakshadweep is from the months of September to May as the weather is ideal and the chances of the sea wreaking havoc are less because of the calm pleasant waters. Lakshadweep offers numerous cool spots for scuba diving and here are the three best places for it : 

  1. AGATTI ISLAND : Scuba diving at Agatti Island is an amazing place to explore and experience underwater life. Aggat is a paradise consisting of a warm and calm sea, fresh flower scent and breathtaking natural beauty. As a gateway to the emerald palm trees and the rest of the idyllic islands, Here you can immerse yourself into the turquoise lagoon and the deep sea, soaking up the colourful vibrant existence of life beyond land which revitalises your mind and benefits you with an eternal experience under the sea where you get the exhilarating feeling of really seizing life. 
  1.  BANGARAM ISLAND : Considered as one of the most beautiful mysterious beaches of Lakshadweep, Bangaram is a very popular tourist attraction specifically for scuba diving in India. Here tourists are brought in by helicopter during the monsoons. To experience the ultimate feeling of tranquillity, you have to surrender to the beauty of the majestic coral reefs and unfathomable sea that scuba diving in Bangaram beholds. 

KAVARATTI : As the capital of Lakshadweep, Kavaratti is an amazing site for scuba diving, alongside other water sports like kayaking, snorkelling and canoeing. The thrilling experience of swimming amidst the deep blue sea of untamed waters is truly exhilarating .

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