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The Indian Army has off-limits the sensitive places like the Line of Control  areas adjoining Kashmir, due to the Border’s and local political situations, resulting in being a place where very few people have set their eyes on. But the government of Jammu and Kashmir is steadily opening up these particular areas for tourism. The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism has built guest houses all around in order to encourage tourists to come and enjoy the stunning beauty of these places that mostly remain unseen. Alongside that a very exciting venue has newly opened near Kaman Setu at Kashmir’s Uri by the Indian Army, which consists of a cafeteria that allows you to enjoy wholesome cups of tea along the LoC. 


Until now it was an impossible event for any civilian to visit Uri, let alone enjoy a warm cup of tea with the exchange of shells and mortars between India and Pakistan a few months back. But with this initiative of opening a full- fledged cafe taken by the Indian Army, visitors can avail the chance to truly experience how things are on the ground. This initiative followed after the ceasefire agreement announced by the armies of India and Pakistan and led to the opening of the cafe at a time when border relations between the nations are peaceful.

Every travel buff with a niche for unconventional experiences can visit Kaman Post and witness how things really run on the field whilst sipping a warm cup of tea at the cafeteria. Visitors can also take selfies on the bridge after they have had their fair share of snacks and tea from the cafe and also shop for souvenirs to take back home. The LoC trade and travel has been at a major transit point served by the initiative of the Kaman Post.

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