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Travel enthusiasts from all over the nation have kept all their plans on hold due to the raging pandemic which has been a real bummer and had temporarily put travelling on a halt because of lockdown constraints and covid protocols differing from place to place. But travel buffs of the nation can finally revive their inner adventurer for what could be the longest bus voyage of the world, organised by a Gurugram- based travel company named Adventures Overland, that decided to start a bus ride across 18 countries in a total span of 20000 kms stretching from Delhi to London. This intriguing bus voyage can take up to 70 days or more and takes inspiration from the 1957 London to Kolkata bus ride to create an opportunity for travel enthusiasts for an exceptional experience to explore the nook and crannies of Asia following up to the scenic wonders in Europe in a rather unique way. The first ride is rumored
to begin sometime around the coming year in May allowing not more than 20 passengers, booking of which will be confirmed on a first come- first serve basis.

The Adventure Overland will begin its journey from Delhi and travel towards east in Imphal, following its way to Thailand and Laos. It will also explore the Chinese border following towards Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. After traversing through these scenic routes, it promises to make its way through the European part of Russia before touching the road that spans into Poland, Czech Republic Germany and Belgium, respectively and thus ending its enthralling journey right in London. A flexible option of a lesser time or days of travel can be opted by passengers who face an inconvenience to travel 70 days in this bus voyage. This well curated trip will also include an expedition through significant historic cities of Chengdu, Bukhara, Moscow, Tashkent, Samarkand, Frankfurt, Prague and Brussels. This unconventional expedition is a true boost in tourism choices of the country intriguing travellers to travel in a more convenient and compact way.

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