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With a positive aim to revive water transport in Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir’s water transport authorities have invested in the first imported luxury boat that would be used to cruise on the waters of the Jhelum river. Even though the Dal lake is famed to be the showstopper of the union territory, the Jhelum River, finding its source from the Verinag Spring, is originally famed as Vitatsa and is no less, with its breathtaking beauty and various tributaries flowing through it all . To further promote the decade old water transport culture, the luxury bus boat imported from New Zealand promises to etch a truly unforgettable experience on the minds of its visitors which promises to further lure tourists from all around the globe into Srinagar. This 30 seater luxury boat has been introduced to boost water tourism on the Jhelum River and revive Kashmir’s true cultural heritage and identity. Currently undergoing trials under strict orders of the authorities, this luxury boat reportedly comes with a sprawling TV, full air- conditioning, music- system and so much more alongside a quaint conference space reserved for 10 to 12 people for any meetings or gatherings that could be conducted inside with stunning scenic views of the hills and valleys that adorn Jhelum River all around. It surely is a very beautiful and flexible means for tourists to cruise along Jhelum but this luxurious bus boat can also be used by the locals of the area as a faster and comparatively an eco- friendlier mode of transport in order to avoid Srinagar’s usual traffic congestion. This luxurious fibreglass boat will come with all the necessary amenities and have 7 stops at Veer Chattabal, Khankahi Moula, Amira Kadal, Polo View, Peerzo, Rajbagh and Pantha Chowk which promises to entice its tourists with the real beauty that Jammu and Kashmir beholds. 

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