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Popularly famed as the ‘Manchester of the East’, Ahmedabad is a city with a resplendent past, rapidly growing and evolving into a metropolis, an educational hub and an industrial hub. The former capital city of Gujarat is located on the banks of River Sabarmati and is a fast growing tourist destination with lip smacking delicacies and vibrant culture. UNESCO has declared the old part of Ahmedabad city as a World Heritage Site. Its plethora of majestic temples, classy markets famous for its textiles and tie- dye handloom techniques, museums showcasing a bit of its colonial history is an remarkable example on how it has managed to retain its old world charm whilst making its rapid growth and progress on the current path of globalisation. Here is a compact list of few places you must visit on next visit to Ahmedabad :

  1. SABARMATI RIVERFRONT : This waterfront was developed on the banks of
    Sabarmati River with the initial objective for environmental improvement and
    sustainable development but is now a majorly sought after tourist destination owing to its gorgeous parks, vibrant lush green promenades, plazas and an over all soothing ambience.
  2. DADA HARI VAV : Popularly known as the Bal Harir Stepwell, it is 15 kms from
    Ahmedabad and is one of the two famous stepwells of the city. The 7 levels of the
    stepwell is a well thought source of water conservation and is a space of interlude for locals during the overheating summers. This octagonal sandstone stepwell was
    designed as a reminiscence of the Solanki architectural style and was established
    during the Mehmud Begda era. This entire structure reflects as a masterpiece of
    intricate artistry of the Gujarati design in stone.
  3. STATUE OF UNITY : Built as a memorial to commemorate the vision of the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s statue has been erected to inspire Indian
    Citizens through his freedom struggle and patriotism. This bronze statue grabs the attention of the whole world as the tallest statue in the world of our founding father of the Republic of India who stands 182 metres tall overlooking the entire city.
  4. SWAMINARAYAN TEMPLE : Shri Swaminarayan Temple is located in the Kalupur
    area of the city and built on the instructions of the great Swaminarayan. This 19th
    century temple showcases yellow and green sculptures of numerous Hindu deities
    who are adorned in gorgeous dresses and majestic ornaments.
  5. SABARMATI ASHRAM : Renowned as one of the main residences for Mahatma
    Gandhi and his wife, Sabarmati is one of the most significant tourist attractions
    nestled in the suburbs of Ahmedabad. This Ashram is situated on the serene and
    tranquil stretch of River Sabarmati and is also known as the ‘Satyagraha Ashram’,
    since it reminisces the beginning of the famous Dandi March led by Gandhiji. The
    museum of the Ashram is of utmost significance as it displays photographs and
    personal letters of the Great Gandhi.
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