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During the beautiful stay in Italy for 4 Months and my visits to the most magnificent places. Here’s a list of places specially curated to be visited.
During the beautiful stay in Italy for 4 Months and my visits to the most magnificent places. Here’s a list of places specially curated to be visited.
Milan, a metropolis in Italy’s northern Lombardy region, is a global capital of fashion and design. Milan also known as fashion world, is a famous destination for everyone who’s interested in design and fashion. Milan has the world’s most magnificent churches and world finest art. The city witnesses the influx of buyers, designers, and supermodels from all over the world during the shows. A great inspiration to the global fashion designers, Milan is definitely among the places to see in Italy. Best Time to Visit – September – October, March – May
Lake Como:
Lake Como also known as Lario is a lake of glacial origin in Lombardy. It’s a destination of pure beauty, pristine nature and magnificent views, from where you can discover the peace and enjoy the calm of a holiday. At Lake Como, you live your life the way you’re supposed to live your life if you’re lucky. It is an easy day trip from Milan. It’s a perfect destination to roam and have a look at the serene picturesque sites. Best Time to Visit – March – November
Venice is the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region. It’s one of the prettiest places in Italy, the entire region is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Venice is also known as the floating city and that attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. Choose Italy for your most romantic getaways for its beauty and beautiful gondola rides, which make it the best among the places to visit. There are many canals crisscrossing through the city. Venice is so unique environmentally, architecturally, and historically. The time when the destination witnesses a surge of tourists is during the Carnevale. People wearing colourful costumes and masks are worth watching in their glory. The city is replete with a lot of churches, cathedrals, theatres, and art galleries. Best time to visit: February – May
 Naples, a city in southern Italy, sits on the Bay of Naples, located within the Campania region, is nestled amidst the Phlegraean Fields and the volcanic region of Mount Vesuvius. Naples is made of unique stories, stories you have to know, see and hear. This city is not only known for its stunning locales, but also famous for its rich history and culture. Naples’ wealth of cultural assets is extraordinary. You’ll find two royal palaces, three castles, and ancient ruins that include some of Christianity’s oldest frescoes. Among the best tourist attractions in Italy, the city has the maximum number of architecturally renowned churches. Best time to visit: September – October and March – May

Amalfi Coast:

 The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea, located in the Gulf of Salerno in Southern Italy. You will experience the most scenic drive in the world. It is perfect for exploring nature’s marvels in Italy and it’s one of the most exotic European destinations, known for its ecstatic coasts bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Positano and Fiordo of Furore are places located close by and demand a lot of time to enjoy its amazing attractions. Best Time to Visit: July – August
Cinque Terre: 
Cinque Terre is a string of centuries-old seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline. It is one of Italy’s most beautiful scenic spots. It has five colourful, gorgeous towns that tumble into Mediterranean Sea. The five villages are no longer the isolated hamlets they once were, but there’s still a feeling of authenticity, with few roads, perfectly preserved architecture and a network of stunning coastal and mountain trails. One can Visit Cinque Terre from Florence. It’s Referred to as “The Five Lands”, Cinque Terre is one of the prettiest must-see places in Italy. Beautiful vistas on the rugged coastline of Sicily are worth admiring. The five fishing villages are connected through walking trails and exploring them is a great idea. Moreover, this entire region has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The marine coastline is protected and conserved to ensure preservation of marine life as it has been since centuries. if you are looking for sightseeing in Italy, then this is a must-visit! Best Time to Visit: March – July
Rome, with its must-see sights and attractions, is a much-loved destination among die hard romantics. It has a lot of museums, art galleries, and theatres that offer an insight into its rich culture and historical past. What a Rome-antic city. Among the best places to visit in Italy with family, Rome allows the visitors to know more about the advancement of Western Civilization, growth and progress of Christianity, and the deep-rooted history of the archaeological sites. There’s no place like Rome. Best time to visit: October – April
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