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7 Best Food In Sikkim That Will Make You Visit Again

What sarso da saag and makki di roti dish is to Punjab, Idli and dosa is to Tamil Nadu, momos and thukpa is to Sikkim. But we are here to bust the misconception where people associate this multi-flavoured cuisine just to the two of its most popular dishes because Sikkim’s food dish palette is heavily rooted to Tibetan and Nepali flavours and offers a wide plethora of lip smacking dishes. Here are few of the that you must try:


This  dish is pork based served with rice which is generally considered to be very spicy but is still easy on the palate compared to the rest. The pork is slow cooked with subtle species, radish and chilli in oil, along with its fat to primarily add on to the vibrant flavour of the dish. 

Food in sikkim: phagshapa

  1. CHAANG:

 For the bitter cold winters of Sikkim, this alcoholic beverage is your perfect drink to give you the much needed warmth and is definitely a must try of the cuisine. Made with fermented cereals like millet, it is served in a bamboo vessel topped with warm water to enhance the flavour and sipped with a bamboo straw.

Food in sikkim: chaang


Adopted by Sikkim as its own, this Nepali dish is a simple bread meal made from Kodo flour or finger millet flour where the batter is kneaded and splattered on a banana leaf which is then baked on a Tawa. This lip-smacking delicacy is best served with tomato pickle.

Food in sikkim: kodo ko roti

  1. SAEL ROTI: 

If you like the idea of soft pretzels, Sael roti is your jam! Especially made during festive occasions in Nepal, this dish has been roped into the Sikkimese cuisine. It is made into ring shapes using a batter from fermented rice and is then deep-fried. This delicacy is ideal for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians as it can be eaten with a veg curry or a meat dish.

Food in sikkim: Sael roti


This vegetarian dish is made of fermented vegetables, almost resembling Kimchi as they are too packed into airtight containers. Green vegetables make Gundruk, and vegetables like turnip and radish make the sink. They can be either eaten as pickles or added to soups or curries.


As the most famous dish of the state with an extremely high protein value, the star ingredient of this dish is fermented soya bean  which is made with a curry of turmeric powder, red chillies, onion and tomato gravy and served with rice.


Known as the local cheese of Sikkim, Chhurpi is a type of cheese made from Yak’s milk or goat’s milk, depending on its consistency. The harder version is made of Yak’s milk and is really chewy and typically sweeter than the softer version made from goat’s milk with a slightly tangier taste.


Takeaway !

Sikkim is a beautiful place surrounded by many other beautiful places. Since it is a small state, the list of must-eat foods in Sikkim will not be large, but you will surely find some food items no one should miss from this list. The culture is diverse, and the food is tasty.

People from different regions have different cuisines, with their distinctive tastes. Sikkim, too, has its unique cuisine. We hope that with this article we will be able to deliver to all the tourists interested in food, who would like to come to visit Sikkim, an ideal guide to know the cuisine of this Himalayan state.

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