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Monsoon season in Karnataka sets the locals in a mood for celebration which emphasises on different cuisine food using ingredients that are mostly available in the local forests as the onset of rainfall flourishes agricultural growth. Rich in flavour with a diverse range of varieties, here are few types of lip smacking delicacies which should not go unnoticed:

  1. BONDA : 

Eaten with hot and spicy chilli, this dish is a type of fritter made out of local bananas and is the ultimate comfort food during monsoon season in Karnataka. 


Made from colocasia leaves that abundantly grows in the rainy season of Karnataka, this dish is packed with flavours as the leaves are dipped in different local spices which are then rolled and deep fried making it a wonderful cuisine food.


This versatile crispy papad- like snack is made out of rice or tapioca flour and can be prepared in a variety of ways. A cuisine food for many, these can be dried and stored for future use and are usually eaten as a side dish or a snack during monsoon season. 


During the monsoon season it is usually made out of wild mushrooms that grow in the rainforests of the Western Ghats, these mushrooms are carefully harvested varying to its edibility and are then prepared as a main course with different curry spices which makes the dish so overwhelmingly hearty.


Due to the formation of numerous seasonal streams because of the heavy downpour, an abundant availability of freshwater crabs are found. They are usually roasted with spices or eaten as a curry dish. 

  1. KADUBU:

The monsoon season escalates the growth of turmeric rapidly. Its large flavourful leaves are used as wrappers for cooking Kadubu or Steamed dumplings which are usually eaten with chutney and mainly served during breakfast. Kadubu can be made with a variety of vegetables like cucumber, pumpkin and jackfruit. 


Hibiscus plant has a beautiful green colour and an herb flavour to it alongside the flower that has a beautiful red colour and an earthy flavour making it a special cuisine food. These are grounded into a fine paste and added to normal idli or dosa batter giving them a unique taste and a vibrant green and subtle pink colour than the conventional dosa. 


Another amazing cuisine food made from turmeric leaves, this is a dessert made out of mashed jaggery, grated coconut and rice flour which is mixed into a batter and then spread onto the long leaves for steaming. This has a pancake-like consistency and is lip smackingly delicious!

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