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Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary: A Paradise For Nature Lovers

Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary is a forest reserve that is located in the district of Gulbarga in Karnataka. This sanctuary has been named after the small village that is found at its entrance. The main attraction of this sanctuary is its wild animals. This sanctuary was declared in 2011 and covers an area of around 134.88 square kilometers.

The main wildlife attractions of this sanctuary include panthers, sloth bears, four-horned antelope, and many more animals. It also houses some exquisite species of birds like Grey Jungle Fowl, Red Spurfowl, Grey Partridge, Painted Sandgrouse, and many more.

Attractions of Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary

File:Bay-backed Shrike, Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary, Telangana, India  (50263109437).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary has some unique features that attract tourists visiting this place, these include:

  1. It has beautiful forests with vegetation such as bamboo, sandalwood, teak, mahua, etc.
  1. There are various types of animals found in the Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary including leopards, Sloth Bear, Wild Dog, Indian Foxes, Wild Boar, Jackal and others.
  1. Birdwatching is another exciting activity that you can enjoy at the Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary. This place has a wide variety of birds like partridges, peafowls, quails, francolins, spurfowls and peacocks which you can watch during your trip to this place.
  1. The forest area has many caves which can be explored by the tourists coming here. It is believed that in ancient times there were monks living in caves who used to meditate and do their religious work there itself.

How to reach

The sanctuary is located at a distance of 603 km from Bangalore. Many people start their journey from Gulbarga or Kalaburagi and reach Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary by road. The best route is via Gulbarga-Solapur Highway/Solapur Road.

Where to stay

Chincholi is a small town located about 75 km from Gulbarga city in Karnataka. There are only a few good hotels in Chincholi itself; however, you can have more options in Humnabad and Kalaburagi.

When to visit

The best time to visit any wildlife sanctuary is after the monsoon. The dust has settled, the heat is bearable and the greenery is lush. Visit Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary during this season to enjoy a wholesome experience. The rain starts in June and continues till September. During this period, the park remains closed due to floods and other reasons.


All in all, Chincholi is a magical escape for those of us feeling the summer heat and looking for pristine nature and beautiful backdrops. Whether you’re an avid photography enthusiast or just like to unwind with a climb up a waterfall, this is one place begging to be explored.

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