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Blue Flag Beaches, Orissa

Blue flag tags are not easily acquired but India has done exceptionally well in securing them for 8 of her magnificent beaches, among which the Golden Beach in Puri is renowned for its cleanliness and is well deserved to be accorded the coveted eco label. The Blue Flag certification is a highly recognised eco label where a beach has to qualify and surpass 33 different criterias set by the Foundation of Environment Education (FEE), Denmark. It promotes sustainable development in freshwater and marine water areas by achieving high standards in 4 categories – water quality, environment management, environment education and safety.  

The Golden Beach, also known as the Puri Beach, has officially been ranked as India’s cleanest beach due its extremely well maintained surface and infrastructure including public washrooms, changing and shower rooms,  development of solar lighting system, tower rooms, sitting arrangements and demarcation of safe swimming zones. About Rs. 7.88 crores have been invested in core infrastructural services and in mechanizing pollution abatement services. Another large sum has been spent on peripheral activities like approach road, fencing and plantation, parking, sand sculptures, water supply, jogging tracks, installation of CCTV and public address system through state management services. 

The Golden Sea beach is a stretch of fine golden sand, dotted with stalls selling local delicacies. This beauty is also very popular with the pilgrims who come to visit the famous Jagannath Temple located nearby. The Grand Marine Drive road just parallel to the beach is a famous preferred spot for long walks by the beach. The local seafood found by the beach are freshly sourced by the fishermen at sea and are hence the top most attractions for food connoisseurs similar to the surfing enthusiasts who are drawn to the choppy waters of this beach. Alongside the beach, there stands a lighthouse that helps tourists captivate the spectacular view of the sea beach from the top. Considered as one of the safest beaches of the country, this beautiful lively beach is always bustling with a happy crowd. The Golden Beach is considered extremely sacred by Hindus and thus remains as one of the few places offering spiritual salvation along with the thrill of nature. The sublime sands of the Golden Puri Beach and the zap of the water from the Bay of Bengal beguile tourists throughout the year and hence continues to live up to its international recognition.

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