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God’s own country, Kerala, is the ultimate destination to give you a paradise-like vacation experience like Alleppey houseboats, Kerala boots about its rich biodiversity, scenic landscapes, lush coconut trees, sculpturesque cuisines, traditional dances such as Kathakali, and vibrant festivals such as Thrissur Pooram, leading you into the warmest welcome which you will cherish with the utmost admiration.

Alleppey houseboats kerala

 In this beautiful place lies the Venice of the east- Alleppey, proclaimed for its magnificent Alleppey houseboats sailing on the backwaters of Kerala; this is an experience you cannot afford to lose out on because of the sense of awe and bewilderment that comes along with it.

 Numerous Bollywood movies have captivated the beauty of the Alleppey houseboats to increase the aesthete level to their viewers. 

Stay at Alleppey Houseboats

Stay at Alleppey Houseboats have a wide range and multiple types of houseboats that can cater to everyone’s wants and needs. Depending on their affordability range, one can choose from AC/ Non- AC houseboats or one deluxe bedroom to ten deluxe bedroomed houseboats. Although double decks have the most splendid view and are a preferred spot for photo enthusiasts to capture the perfect shot, single decked houseboats are also great to soak in the picture. 

Tourists and visitors can also choose from special cruises, ultra-luxurious houseboats, premium houseboats, luxurious houseboats, and deluxe houseboats in Alleppey, which are wholly furnished and offer excellent service with all the basic amenities.

 Along with PlayStation and karaoke machines, each experience is based on the type of houseboat you opt for, but choosing authorized companies for quality stay is highly recommended. Packages of the day stay, night stays, and two-night stays are offered where people can compile their experience for the time of their choice but the

Food at Houseboats of alleppey

 From good old room service to serving the best dishes to the visitors, food provided in Alleppey houseboat is a widespread standard of cuisines where veg and non-veg choices are offered to tourists who are generally welcomed with a fresh coconut water drink.

The aesthetic scenic views of the sunset or sunrise and the glowing sight of stargazing are the most relaxed way to enjoy your vacation along with good company. Angel Queen Houseboat, Holiday Cruise Houseboat, Nova Holiday Houseboat, Pulicksttil Houseboat, and Tharangini Houseboat are a few of the famous and well-known houseboats in Alleppey renowned for their top tier service!

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